Bally Go Bragh - BGB

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About Us

Schools, businesses, families, just about everyone have a need to get rid of excess or surplus from time to time. As an Irish couple with a love for other peoples discards, we are here to help. From vehicles to desks to kitchen appliances, from lockers to wood shop, metal shop or auto shop or any other furniture, tool, or excess  items from Joe's garage or grandma's household goods, we can help you out. With over 10 years of experience, we can auction items, lot sale them, estate sale them or just remove them offsite and sell them. Whatever needs you may have, we can bring you cash for the items you need liquidated and cleaned out.

California born and California and Texas raised, we are here to serve you the people. So, reach out to us if you need to get rid of a few belongings or a lot of belongings. We can help you through the whole house estate, the business warehouse overflow or just the garage.

Finally, if you are looking for things, we can help. As ones who love to find the deals, we may have what you need. If not, we can usually find it or sometimes we just stumble across it. So, if we know who you are, we can call you. We can also add you to our estate sale mailing list and contact you when we have items of interest on eBay. Check us out. We LOVE people and we LOVE to HELP.